John wants SNP to tackle rising rents

John Pentland
John Pentland

Motherwell and Wishaw MSP John Pentland has called for rising private sector rents to be tackled by the Scottish Government.

Information released by letting agents Your Move show the average rent across Glasgow and Clyde has reached a new high of £570.

National figures from the research also shows a spike in landlord returns, and more tenants struggling to pay their rent on time.

Mr Pentland backs banning rip off rent rises, and supported Labour proposals to the Housing (Scotland) Act to deliver them, only to see them blocked by the SNP.

With over 8,000 private renters in North Lanarkshire, Mr Pentland has said that the SNP Government should admit they got it wrong and revisit Labour’s plans.

He said: “These new figures show landlords making more whilst more tenants struggle. The SNP Government in Edinburgh cannot continue to turn a blind eye to rent reform. The 8,000 private renters in North Lanarkshire deserve better than that.

“We need to reform the private rental sector to make it work for everyone, rather than simply act as a cash cow for landlords. It needs to serve families unable to get a foot on the property ladder or access to social housing.

“I back Scottish Labour plans to ban rip off rent rises. This is about making the system fit for purpose. When the SNP opposed our plans last year they sided with Tories and bad landlords, rather than with tenants across Scotland.”