John to stand on pensioners ticket


PENSIONERS’ champion John Swinburne is seeking re-election to the Scottish Parliament by standing in the Motherwell and Wishaw constituency at May’s election.

John was previously a Central Scotland list MSP for the Scottish Senior Citizens’ Unity Party (SSCUP) from 2003 to 2007 and this time will stand as a candidate for the All Scotland Pensioners’ Party.

This new party, an amalgamation of the SSCUP and the Fife-based Pensioners’ Party, was launched at Fir Park Social Club in Motherwell recently.

John said: “We are not so much a political party as a pressure group that is determined to abolish pensioner poverty in a country which has the lowest pensions in western Europe.

“Pensioners have incredible voting power and can affect real change, but sadly too many don’t understand the voting system.”

“Scotland has the best PR system in the world and while I have no problem with people voting tactically for their preferred candidate in first past the post I would ask that for the regional vote they do something for themselves and put a smile on a pensioner’s face.”

Full story in the March 31 edition of Times & Speaker