James baffled by strange phenomenon in the sky

James McRobbie
James McRobbie

A Viewpark man is desperate to know what has caused strange lights to appear in the sky over his house for the last few weeks.

While most people only looked skyward last week to try and see the eclipse James McRobbie, of Windsor Walk, has been fascinated by something else.

Strange lights over Viewpark

Strange lights over Viewpark

He has noticed lights appearing overhead several times at around 10pm for the last three weeks, but has thus far been unable to tell what is causing them.

James showed the Speaker a number of pictures he had taken while watching the lights and while some resemble lightning others are far more twisted and curly.

He said: “I first noticed the lights a few weeks ago and they keep reappearing, but I just can’t work out what they are, I don’t drink so I know I’m not seeing things.

“It’s not lightning and while the lights do sit and hover for several minutes, usually long enough for me to go and get my camera, I don’t think it’s a helicopter as there is no sound of an engine, there is no noise at all.

“I thought at first M&D’s had been putting on some sort of laser show, but the theme park is still closed before the start of the season and actually when it was open for its preview weekend on Saturday and Sunday I didn’t see them.

“The lights are actually too far down from Strathclyde Park to make M&D’s a likely candidate anyway and appear to originate from Uddingston itself.

“To me it looks like they are coming from perhaps around where Tunnocks and the cement works are, but I can’t imagine either of them are blasting lasers into the sky unless it’s part of some sort of advertising campaign.

“I am absolutely stumped as to the cause, I expect there is some perfectly simple explanation and hopefully someone will be able to come forward and provide it.

“Who knows maybe they’re extraterrestrial in nature, I am a big fan of War of the Worlds so I know what to do if it is aliens.”