Horror fall mum’s witness plea

Claire and William are appealing for witnesses to come forward
Claire and William are appealing for witnesses to come forward

A mum who suffered a horrific knee injury when she slipped at a petrol station is pleading for witnesses to the accident to come forward.

Claire Geoghans is suing the garage and believes a Good Samaritan couple will be able to provide vital evidence.

She and her partner, William Marshall, are furious that the garage owners have refused to pass on the names of the couple who left their details with staff on the night it happened.

Claire (29), of Heather Gardens, Viewpark, shattered her kneecap in the fall at Bellziehill Service Station, Bellshill, eight months ago.

She claims she slipped on spilled fuel, but the garage denies liability.

Claire has undergone three operations on her knee, the latest to remove a blood clot. She still has limited mobility and fears she will always walk with a limp.

She had been out making preparations for William’s 40th birthday the next day when she went to the petrol station to fill up.

Claire said: “I just slipped, landed on my knee and let out a scream. I was in severe pain. My kneecap was split in two.

“A couple at another pump helped me. They stayed with me until an ambulance arrived.”

William, who arrived within minutes, said: “We were told the couple had left their details with garage staff. I wasn’t going to pester them by asking too so I went back to the garage the next day.

“We wanted to send these people a thank you card, but were told staff couldn’t pass on their details due to data protection.

“We need a statement if this is to go to court and feel that by refusing to give us the couple’s contact details the garage has something to hide.”

The couple are said to be middle-aged and from Bellshill. They were driving a mint green Vauxhall Corsa on the night of the accident.

Window cleaner William urged them to call him on 07794 780822.

A spokesman for garage owner MRH said: “The safety of our customers is incredibly important to us. We treat any incidences like this with care and attention, and a thorough investigation was conducted at the time.

“We are sincerely sorry that Ms Geoghans injured herself, but we have very high health and safety standards and we are confident that they were followed.”

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