Hoaxer wastes police time

A WOMAN has been charged with making numerous hoax calls to the 999 emergency phone system.

On Friday evening police made extensive inquiries after receiving calls and believing someone was in need of help.

The calls were traced back to a property in Quarry Street, Holytown, where a 24-year-old woman was found safe and well.

She was charged with misuse of the 999 system after she failed to stop the calls being made from her mobile phone.

Chief Inspector Alex Graham, area commander at Bellshill police office, said: “Misuse of the 999 system will not be tolerated and the police will hunt anyone down who is blatantly wasting the time of any emergency service.

“The time wasted by officers dealing with this incident could have been better spent on responding to public concerns in targeting offenders for a number of different issues.

“We will continue to monitor any malicious calls and will charge and arrest anyone found carrying any out.”