Heating blast for council

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A BELLSHILL gym user has hit out at cash-strapped North Lanarkshire Leisure for putting on the heating in one of their facilities during the warm summer months.

The Sir Matt Busby Sports Complex user, who did not want be named, contacted the Speaker to claim fitness classes had become unbearable due to the heat in the facility.

And despite making several complaints to the reception, the gym user claims the heating still remained on.

The Times & Speaker recently reported that staff at North Lanarkshire Leisure have been asked to consider voluntary redundancy in a bid to save £2.9 million over the next three years.

Increasing the prices of fitness classes is also being considered by the organisation as way of generating more money.

The gym user said: “I find it surprising that the heating has been on constantly during the summer months even though I have asked them to turn it off on a number of occasions. This make the fitness classes uncomfortable and unbearable.

“I have complained on several occasions about this to reception and I have been told it would be passed on to management but the heating has still remained on.

“I even spoke to a manger on who apologised for the heating being on and told me it was due to a problem with the thermostat which has been sorted and the heating is now off.

“But the heating has been on constantly - maybe they should at this look if they want to save money.”

For full story, see this week’s Bellshill Speaker, dated Thursday, AUgust 3.