Support for no smoking policy

Margaret Moncrieff and Felix Mulholland at Wishaw General Hospital.
Margaret Moncrieff and Felix Mulholland at Wishaw General Hospital.

Support for the NHS Lanarkshire policy of not smoking in hospital grounds has come from a surprising source.

People who actually enjoy a cigarette have said that they believe the policy is right and smokers should refrain from lighting up while at the hospital.

Motherwell man Felix Mulholland is chair of North Lanarkshire Public Partnership Forum and he is a smoker. He wants people to respect the policy and not smoke until they are well away from the hospital.

He said: “I may smoke, but I still completely respect NHS Lanarkshire’s policy and want to encourage a no smoking environment and set an example to everyone. Most people I know who smoke feel the same and agree with the principle that hospital entrances should be smoke free.

“I’d appeal to those who smoke to take just a few more minutes before they do this when they leave a hospital, as by that time they’ll be off the hospital grounds and well away from entrances. A few more minutes doesn’t seem a lot to ask.”

His view was shared by Margaret Moncrieff from the South PPF who is a non-smoker and a member of the NHS Lanarkshire group set up to oversee the implementation of the no smoking policy.

Margaret commented: “As a public representative on this group, I am well aware of how most members of the public feel when they have to walk through smoke at hospital entrances. I echo Felix’s plea to delay lighting up and they would be helping improve the hospital environment.”