Patient claims bodies dragged across ground to hospital mortuary

Hospital patient Jackie Reid
Hospital patient Jackie Reid

Health bosses are to be quizzed over claims that a patient witnessed bodies being dragged across the ground to a hospital mortuary.

Jackie Reid says she was sickened by what she saw and has suffered nightmares.

Her claims have been rejected by management at Wishaw General, but now MSP John Pentland has organised a meeting on the issue.

The MSP is concerned at ‘conflicting’ statements by the hospital and undertakers who transport bodies there. He fears there has been an attempt to ‘cover up’ what happened.

Mrs Reid, of Coursington Tower, Motherwell, was in the hospital’s high dependency unit when she claims she saw bodies being dragged across the ground outside to the mortuary.

She said this happened three times over a weekend. Twice there was a funeral car present and on the other occasion there was an ambulance.

Mrs Reid said each time she saw a mortuary attendant remove a black bag from the vehicle and drag it across the ground.

She said: “I couldn’t believe what I saw. I still feel sick thinking about it. These were people’s relatives.”

Hospital general manager Marion Mark has already told Mrs Reid there is no record of any bodies leaving the mortuary on the dates provided.

An NHS Lanarkshire spokesman added: “We have strict processes in place for the receipt of bodies to ensure the dignity of the dead is maintained at all times. Our investigation did not uncover any evidence of inappropriate activity.”

However, a firm of undertakers told Mrs Reid that its staff did attend the mortuary on Sunday, May 27, last year - one of the dates on which she claimed to see a body being dragged along the ground.

Mr Pentland said: “There seem to be conflicting stories here over whether there was a vehicle at the mortuary or not.

“If bodies have been dragged along the ground I would find it appalling. We must get to the bottom of this.”

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