Mum’s petition asks for more support for children with additional needs

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A Carfin mum has started a petition calling on more support for children in North Lanarkshire with additional needs.

Karen McKeown’s son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum three years ago, but since then has found it difficult to get help and advice.

Last year North Lanarkshire Council pledged more funding to benefit children with autism, but Karen says it hasn’t been enough.

She said: “It has been a constant battle from the start to get any support, within school he now has some, but not all that he needs.

“There is no club or group I can take him to within my area and I feel he is being social isolated even more.

“There is no drop-in session where I can go for advice or support when I need, whether is it how to handle his behaviour, a school matter or even help filling out forms.

“After being involved in some online support groups I learned I’m not alone in feeling like this and parents are coming together to fight for a better future for our children.

“There are groups out there doing some wonderful work, but they unfortunately don’t have the capacity to support more people.

“We want to raise strong independent adults who will have a service that will support them and are not asking for anything that other local authorities don’t already do.”

The petition has attracted over 1000 signatures, to sign click here