June influences dementia care

June Delaney, senior nurse for older people at Monklands Hospital.
June Delaney, senior nurse for older people at Monklands Hospital.

North Lanarkshire nurse June Delaney has been sharing her knowledge and influencing dementia care across the globe.

June, senior nurse for older people at Monklands Hospital, has over 25 years’ experience working in care of the elderly. Due to her vast experience, June was invited to take up an associate lecturer role at Stirling University.

As part of this role, June has been travelling the world sharing her expertise.

She said: : “I have always been committed to care of the elderly.

“I started my nursing career over 25 years ago looking after older patients and I still have the same passion today as I did when I started.

“I was overwhelmed when I was approached by Stirling University to take up a lecturing role.

“It is a tremendous honour and a tribute to the great work we do for our older patients in Lanarkshire.

“I love sharing everything I have learned and best practice with nursing colleagues both nationally and internationally.”

June has spoken at high profile Alzheimer and dementia events throughout the world including Sydney, Vienna, Belfast and, most recently, China.

A delegation from Germany also visited the care of the elderly ward at Monklands Hospital.

The visitors were keen to get first-hand experience of the work and practices within the ward, to learn and to implement what they could back in Germany.

As well as giving talks and hosting visits, June has also had her findings published in the National Journal of Dementia.

June said: “The travel and talks to educate my fellow health professionals are all very good.

However, what really keeps me going is knowing that my everyday work is making a difference to enhance patients’ lives and improve patient safety.”