Hijack threat at board meeting to get truth

Lesley Jones
Lesley Jones

A Motherwell woman who accused NHS Lanarkshire of ruining her life through negligence is ready to take her case straight to the board.

Lesley Jones says she will be left to use a catheter for the rest of her life after staff at Wishaw General Hospital failed to send for a urologist after she had blood in her urine following an operation in March.

On December 5 Miss Jones and her partner Roy Thornlie met with director of hospital services Marion Mark, chief medical officer Ben Younes, consultant surgeon Mr Kasem and patients affairs manager Yvonne Ross.

At the meeting Ms Jones alleges both Mr Kasem and Ms Mark apologised for mistakes which had been made.

However, when Ms Jones received the minutes of the meeting a few weeks later she was angered to see his was not included and instead reading the minutes it appeared that all her problems were being blamed on her pre-existing diabetes.

Ms Jones said: “I asked Mr Kasem why he left me like this, at which time he held his hands and said he made a mistake and should have got a urologist.

“Marion Mark said many mistakes have happened and we can’t go back and change it.

“However, when I got the minutes of the meeting neither of these admissions were mentioned in them.

“As such I have spoken to Yvonne Ross and demanded they send me an accurate copy of the minutes by January 26.

“If they don’t then I’ll interrupt the NHS Lanarkshire board meeting on January 28 and play a recording I made of the December 5 meeting to the members of the board and see what they think of it.

“I am not going to go away and will go to any lengths to get the truth about why I’ve been left like this.”

Ms Mark responded: “We remain in contact with Ms Jones to address the concerns she’s raised.

“Members of the public are welcome to attend and observe NHS Lanarkshire board meetings.

“However, observers may only speak if invited to do so by the chair who has the right to exclude members of the public if they cause disruptions.

“The Chair will not permit debate or questions regarding individual cases or complaints.”