Event aims to end the stigma around suicide

Craig Samson
Craig Samson

Suicide Prevention, North Lanarkshire hosts a suicideTALK training event tomorrow (Thursday) at Fir Park.

It will take place in the Millennium Suite at 6.30pm with Motherwell goalkeeper Craig Samson in attendance, having himself been affected by a close friend taking their own life last year.

Samson said: “This is a subject which everyone should know about, especially men. There are people you can talk to, there is help available and you don’t need to hide away from everything.

“I have personal experience of suicide and I think it’s a great thing North Lanarkshire has a suicide prevention scheme.”

Suicide Prevention, North Lanarkshire is run by the council to deal openly with the stigma around suicide, this exploration focusing upon the question ‘Should we talk about suicide?’.

Participants will learn how suicide is a serious health problem that is often misunderstood, how personal and community beliefs about suicide affect stigma and safety, how the steps taught in the program can be used to help prevent suicide, and how to get involved in life protection, preservation, and promotion activities in the community.

Those wishing to attend should meet at the main entrance of the Phil O’Donnell Stand at 6.15pm.

For information on the work of Suicide Prevention, North Lanarkshire click here