Darren out to bust stem cell donor myths

Anthony Nolan bone marrow donor Darren Young, from Motherwell.
Anthony Nolan bone marrow donor Darren Young, from Motherwell.

A parliamentary assistant from Motherwell is helping the blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan to bust myths about stem cell donation.

Darren Young donated his stem cells earlier this month in a bid to save the life of a patient in desperate need of a stem cell transplant.

Now Darren (24) is hoping to inspire more potential lifesavers to join the Anthony Nolan register by dispelling some of the myths about the procedure.

He said: “At first I was really nervous when I found out that I had been matched with someone and I wasn’t really too sure what the donation process would involve.

“After speaking to the staff at Anthony Nolan and the medical staff at the hospital I began to understand that the process itself was actually pretty easy.

“It was just like having blood taken and would take around four hours in total, very simple.

“I would urge as many people to join the register as possible.

“You could really make a difference and help someone in need. Four hours is a relatively short period of time if it can help save someone’s life.”

Darren joined the Anthony Nolan register in February 2014 because he felt that he wanted to help someone if he could especially because, as a gay man, he is not able to give blood.

He then received a call from Anthony Nolan to tell him that he was a match for a seriously ill patient and he selflessly agreed to donate.

Darren is now supporting Anthony Nolan’s Myth Busting Campaign and said: “Ninety per cent of stem cell donors donate through a simple outpatient procedure which is similar to giving blood and does not involve an anaesthetic.”