Couple hit jackpot with baby Grayson

Katy-Anne and John McGlade with baby Grayson and Sarah Holder. Pic: SWNS
Katy-Anne and John McGlade with baby Grayson and Sarah Holder. Pic: SWNS

A Motherwell couple who won £32,000 in the lottery used the cash to fulfil their dream of becoming parents.

Katy-Anne and John McGlade faced life without the child after she had a hysterectomy in 2010 as part of treatment for cervical cancer.

Then the couple scooped £32,000 in the Postcode Lottery in 2014 and decided to use the money to try for a baby, it was the start of a journey that led to son Grayson being born.

Katy-Anne (33), a teacher, said: “It has been a difficult time since my diagnosis with cancer and my hysterectomy, but it is amazing a little boy is here and is ours.

“I didn’t even know my husband played the Postcode Lottery. Without that win we could never have had Grayson.”

Sarah Holder from Birmingham, who carried Grayson, became a surrogate mum after seeing her aunt struggle to have children.

Katy-Anne added: “We were so happy it was Sarah carrying him. I have known her for two years now – and Grayson will always know his Aunty Sarah. We were delighted someone was prepared to do this for us.”

While surrogates cannot be paid, it is legal to compensate them for time off work and expenses.

The McGlades paid Sarah and the rest of their winnings went on two of three IVF attempts, with the third, and ultimately successful one, at a clinic in the Czech Republic actually being put on a credit card.

John (33), a bank worker, said: “Everything feels like it should be and we have settled into family life.

“Any time Grayson does something new we try to take a picture of it so we don’t miss any moment.

“It is just quite hard to think of a time when he wasn’t here.”