Bellshill pensioner James gets on his bike

James Eadie with his 'Harley Davidson' style scooter
James Eadie with his 'Harley Davidson' style scooter

A Bellshill pensioner is celebrating being given a new lease of life - thanks to his new ‘Harley Davidson’ style mobility scooter.

James Eadie (78) has plenty of stories to tell over the years, particularly fromn his experiences as an international trucker.

He spent eight years transporting gas and oil machinery from the UK to countries such as Saudi Arabi and the UAE over a period of eight years and was also stationed in the Middle East for a period during which he was responsible for shipping oil internally during the Iran/Iraq war.

As the advancing years began to take a toll on his mobility James found it harder to get around - but all that changed when he read an article about the ‘Harley Davidson’ style Supersport scooter, manufactured by TGA, based in Sudbury, Suffolk.

He said: “My whole career has involved travelling great distances so when your mobility becomes restricted, it’s very difficult to accept.

“When not behind the wheel, I’ve always used a push bike however I have had to stop cycling because it was aggravating my joints so much. Walking can be difficult for me too over and above my joint problems as I am partially sighted. This means I can struggle to focus on where to put my feet.

“Before I was travelling into town and to the doctor’s surgery by bus however they were always so unreliable. I have spent my career making sure I arrived at far-flung destinations on time and therefore do not like being late.

“Now I can leave my house knowing full well I can arrive for a doctor’s appointment on time and with rushing. Whenever I go out on my Harley, I am stopped by passers-by who want to know more about this striking scooter.

“I always have time for a wee chat and tell them all about TGA and what a difference this Supersport has made to my life.”