Bellshill family raise awareness

Kirsten Young with dad Alan, mum Ann and twin brother Craig
Kirsten Young with dad Alan, mum Ann and twin brother Craig

The Young family from Bellshill are appealing for support for the Scottish Spina Bifida Association, a charity which means a lot to them.

Kirsten Young (16) was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus, which were detected when her mother was 26 weeks pregnant.

Her twin brother Craig was born without the condition as were her other siblings. But Kirsten’s health problems affect all the family and they have been grateful for the support of SSBA.

Mum Ann explained: “Kirsten is an amazing girl despite being born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus, having shunt operations, epilepsy, being paralysed from the waist down and having bowel and bladder problems, as well as global development delay, which means she has the mind of a five year old.

“Despite all this she has a wicked sense of humour and is always happy. She gets on with life and does what she can with a big smile on her face.”

Kirsten and her family have received vital support from SSBA, just like 3,500 other children in Scotland.

Ann said: “SSBA has been fantastic. They have helped me complete endless paperwork and forms, much of which can be daunting. They have invited us as a family to many events and keep us informed about things we need to know.”

The charity has also worked with Kirsten’s brothers and sisters to help them understand their wee sister’s condition.

Ann added: “The SSBA has been a lifeline, I simply couldn’t have coped without them. We thank everyone who raises funds for SSBA which makes a huge difference to our lives.”

There are 384 in North Lanarkshire who benefit from SSBA and they need help more than ever to provide this help.

‘With a Little Help From Our Friends’ is SSBA’s intensive fundraising and awareness week which runs until Sunday.

You can make a difference and by organising your own event during these dates or by making a donation.

Money raised will make a massive difference to the lives of over 3,500 people in Scotland who are affected by Spina Bifida.

To get involved contact Dave on 01236 794508.