Be aware of the signs of lung cancer

Kirk Grannell
Kirk Grannell

A Lanarkshire man, who is recovering after being diagnosed with lung cancer, is urging others to be aware of the signs of the disease.

At the start of this year Kirk Grannell considered himself to be fit and healthy - he played football, regularly ran five miles and worked out three times a week.

However, when he started experiencing symptoms he recalled from an old lung cancer awareness campaign, he knew it was something serious.

Kirk said: “I woke up one Saturday morning and felt a pain in my chest.

“I knew it wasn’t muscular, that it was serious, but didn’t say anything to my partner I just lay on the couch all day.

“I couldn’t sleep that night due to the pain, but I didn’t tell her where the pain was as I didn’t want to worry her.

“I took two strong pain killers and the feeling went away. However, I knew that it was needed to be looked into.”

Kirk visited his GP who sent him to straight to Hairmyres Hospital.

He said: “At that point I wasn’t experiencing symptoms any more, so expected them to give me antibiotics.

“When I was diagnosed with lung cancer I couldn’t believe it, it was really scary.

“It was the earlier form, stage 1a cancer, although by the time I got home, my partner had been researching lung cancer online and assumed I would end up in a box.

“However, cancer is different for everyone.”

In March Kirk had an operation to remove half of his left lung.

He is now recovering at home and is hoping that he will be as fit as he was before.

Kirk said: “Some people can be scared to find out the worst. However, once cancer starts spreading, it can be harder to cure. The quicker you get it dealt with, the better chance you have of recovering.

“I know how much an awareness campaign helped me to be aware of the signs. It saved my life.”