Headteacher defends school uniform policy

THE headteacher of St Bride’s Primary has written to parents to alleviate fears regarding the cost of the new uniform she wishes to introduce at the Bothwell school.

Denise Pacitti is currently holding a consultation for girls in P1 to wear ‘kilts’ from next session, while all new arrivals wear ‘tartan ties’ in a bid to differentiate the uniform from neighbouring Bothwell Primary.

Eventually it is planned the new uniform will be rolled out across the school, with the added introduction of separate ties for the senior school.

A survey carried out amongst parents found that two thirds of the respondents would welcome a change to the uniform.

However the Times & Speaker understands there are concerns about the cost of the ‘kilt’, likely to retail for around £16 in Hamilton store Alston, compared to a plain navy skirt being available for as little as £3 in many retailers.

In her letter to parents, Mrs Pacitti says she is aware there are some concerns and is working to alleviate them.

She said: “I spoke to our new P1 parents at the induction meeting and it was generally very well received with reservations only from a couple relating specifically to the increased cost.

“A very valid point was raised that most parents buy two skirts for their daughters and this could prove very expensive as two plain blue skirts can be bought for less than the lost of one ‘kilt’. I have taken this on board and I will contact a number of school suppliers to compare costs and feedback to Alston to negotiate a more competitive price.”

Mrs Pacitti also said she will enquire about pinafores for younger children and there is no expectation for the existing P1-6 to change uniform.