Glasgow Subway set for four-week closure

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Glasgow Subway is to close for four weeks to allow for essential renewal works to take place.

All Services are suspended from Saturday July 2, to resume again on Monday, August 1.

During the four-week period, a comprehensive replacement bus service will be provided for Subway passengers who are encouraged to “turn up as normal” and SPT will get you to your destination. The bus service follows the Subway route with additional direct services to the city centre from key stations, including our Park and Ride facilities at Bridge Street, Kelvinbridge and Shields Road. Services will be every five minutes at peak times and every ten minutes during off-peak.

For the convenience of passengers, SPT has introduced a simple flat fare structure for the replacement bus service so all passengers will pay £1 single journey / £2 return and £2.50 all day ticket. Child fares are 50p single and £1 return.

Jonathan Findlay, SPT chairman, said: “To date, SPT has achieved all of the modernisation works without any disruption to passenger service which is a considerable achievement. We have now reached a crucial stage in the modernisation plan that requires us – for reasons of safety for everyone involved – to suspend services for a short time during July.

“We apologise for any inconvenience to all our passengers but our full replacement bus service will mean that they can still get to where they want to go.

“All our passengers are encouraged to turn up at their designated stop, allow a little longer for the journey, and leave the rest to us.”

All the information on the Subway suspension and the replacement bus service is available on the SPT website, at: