Give us a straight answer

John Pentland
John Pentland

Motherwell and Wishaw MSP John Pentland has called on the Scottish Government to clearly state Airbles Station will not close.

A members’ debate requested by Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn MSP gave politicians concerned about the effect of the Rail 2014 consultation in their constituencies the chance to grill Transport Minister Keith Brown.

In the chamber on Thursday, Mr Pentland thanked the Motherwell Times for our campaign on the issue, and noted the importance of the station.

He said: “When we consider the benefits of public transport, we do not just look, as Beeching did, at the bottom line of the balance sheet for the service in question.

“The minister has said that the Government has no plans for closure. Why, then, have a consultation to discuss closures?

”He should not just say ‘no plans’, he should say ‘no’.”

Mr Brown admitted that as a Government Minister he could see why no one believed him, but felt he would be justified in the long run.

Full story in February 2 edition of Motherwell Times