Give our funfair a chance

Chloe Spencer, front holding children, with funfair supporters
Chloe Spencer, front holding children, with funfair supporters

Residents of North Motherwell have been assured that a visit by a family funfair is nothing to worry about.

Spencer’s Funfair wants to use the park next to Bute Avenue and The Loaning for four days next month.

People who live nearby have expressed concern about traffic and noise, and want North Lanarkshire Council to turn down the funfair’s licence application.

However, there has also been support from residents who say the funfair will be a much-needed attraction during the holiday period.

Responding to concerns raised by Motherwell West councillor Meghan Gallacher, Chloe Spencer said: “This is a small family funfair. We don’t expect people to travel from far and wide by car.

“There will be space for parking in the park but we expect most people to walk from their homes in the area round about. As for the fairground vehicles, we have checked and Bute Avenue is wide enough to take them.

“People have also spoken about noise, but we have measures in place to contain our music and the fair itself would close at 9pm on the Wednesday and Thursday and at 10pm on the Friday and Saturday.”

Mrs Spencer said she was brought up in North Motherwell, near the park. She now lives in the north of Scotland.

She explained: “We usually operate in Perth, Angus and further north, but are keen to bring the funfair to this area.

“My husband’s family has had the funfair for more than 70 years and we take everything into consideration when we’re applying for a site licence.”

Comments on the funfair application should be lodged with the council by Tuesday, June 6. A hearing will follow.