Getting ready for winter

David Miller of British Red Cross
David Miller of British Red Cross

People across Scotland are being urged to prepare for winter so they can help deal with whatever the weather throws at us this year.

As the weather starts to get colder, the Scottish Government’s Ready for Winter? campaign is encouraging people to get prepared now rather than waiting until extreme weather affects them.

Recent winters have confirmed what we all know, that Scottish weather is highly unpredictable, and preparing well is crucial to dealing with whatever weather or events may occur.

The campaign, run in partnership with the British Red Cross, sets out the simple steps we can all take in the home, before a journey (whether driving, cycling or on foot), at work and in our communities.

It also encourages people to look out for and help vulnerable people in their community, as well as reminding businesses of the need to be prepared, and reminding people to be safe when going out during winter.

Research commissioned by the Scottish Government and the British Red Cross found that 40 per cent of people in Scotland are concerned about extreme weather emergencies, and only 41 per cent believe they are prepared for them.

David Miller, Director of the British Red Cross in Scotland, said: “Making sure you are prepared now for winter can make a huge difference when extreme weather hits.

“At the Red Cross we know that severe weather, including snow and floods, can have serious consequences. However, with a few simple steps you can make yourself and others ready for the disruption it can bring.

“You can prepare an emergency kit for your home and car, jot down your emergency phone numbers and check on any neighbours, family or friends to see if they need any help. You can also make sure you know what the plan at your workplace is.

“Each year the Red Cross helps people across Scotland cope with the effects of severe weather and this winter, as always, we’ll be prepared and ready.”

Visit for hints and tips for surviving winter or visit the Ready for Winter? roadshow, which will be visiting East Kilbride Shopping Centre on November 23 and Asda in Cumbernauld the next day.

You can also download the ReadyScotland app on your phone.