Get on with it!

Jane McDougall
Jane McDougall

A national push to encourage and inspire people to get on the internet is underway, spearheaded by the Scottish Government.

Galvanised by partner organisations under the Digital Scotland brand, the Let’s Get On campaign aims to help people from all walks of life take advantage of the digital age.

Libraries, clubs and community organisations across the country are supporting the Let’s Get On campaign and offering people the opportunity to join classes and support groups, showing them how to get online and use the internet to their advantage.

Jane McDougall (24) was familiar with the internet but joined a digital class to help increase her knowledge of word processing and e-mail to help with her job hunt.

She is now completing an SQA PC Passport in word processing to gain more experience and a qualification to give her an added advantage in her applications.

Jane said: “I wasn’t too good with word processing, e-mailing people or being able to attach letters and CVs.

“I feel like the course has really helped my confidence. I’ve helped everybody else in the class to log on or look online.”

For more information call 0800 77 1234 or visit Let’s Get On