Fury as rail bosses leave town cut off

RAIL bosses have come under fire after train services in and out of Bellshill were cut off completely following last week's blizzards.

While a reduced service was in operation to other stations in the area, such as Motherwell and Uddingston, the line to Bellshill was shut down soon after the snow began to fall on Monday morning and wasn't reopened until Friday.

Network Rail, who are responsible for the track maintenance, said the decision to suspend all Bellshill services was necessary to ensure that the West Coast mainline, which links the area with England, remained open to take passengers and freight.

Because of the problem with points freezing rail bosses decided to leave them set for the mainline in case they froze after being moved to allow Bellshill trains through and couldn't be switched back again.

One angry rail user said: "It's a piece of nonsense in this day and age - as if Bellshill hasn't suffered enough recently.

"They could have moved the points in the morning and evening to allow people to get to and from their work, but they just seemed to decide they were going to cut Bellshill off and that was that."

A Network Rail spokesman said: "The need to maintain the London route meant we were unable to provide access to the Bellshill branch line as the points were locked to prevent weather-related failures."

Full story in December 16 edition of Bellshill Speaker