Funds dug up for allotments

Councillor Bob Burrows at the proposed site in Birkenshaw
Councillor Bob Burrows at the proposed site in Birkenshaw

An ambitious project being proposed to create new allotments in the Birkenshaw area has secured vital seed funding.

But before the scheme can get off the ground North Lanarkshire Council is canvassing local opinion to see if enough residents are interested in taking part.

Around £20,000 has been allotted to the project based on plot of land behind Birkenshaw Sports Barn and adjacent to Aitkenhead Primary School.

It is hoped as many as 12 plots could be created - but the scheme will only go ahead if there is enough local support.

The proposal follows an approach to Thorniewood councillor Bob Burrows from a resident.

Councillor Burrows said: “There is a need for regeneration works in the area, particularly around the sports barn.

“The land isn’t used at the moment and needs some clearance to prepare it properly. The prospect of an allotment on an open, unused plot of land is a great idea.

“But before we spend any money, we need to be sure there is a demand.

“I believe when a community works together they can achieve a lot of good and positive outcomes – this allotment idea is a great example of that.

“I would urge anyone interested in seeing allotments created at the barn to respond.”

A special email address - - has been set up to gather views and the level of interest in the project.

Local regeneration manager Matt Costello explained: “The area has the potential for use as allotments, although it will need clearance work to bring the land up to standard for cultivation.

“The council-owned land has lain unused for many years and it would be good to see it being used to provide garden produce.”