Fun-seekers stranded in 45-minute shutdown

Carey Thomson and Layla Cameron after their rescue
Carey Thomson and Layla Cameron after their rescue

People aboard a rollercoaster at M&D’s theme park were stranded 30ft high in blistering heat for 45 minutes on Monday when it broke down.

And while the park has its own established health and safety procedures for evacuating people during emergencies the fire service were also summoned to help people get free.

The rollercoaster has since been shut down indefinitely while M&D’s staff identify what went wrong and determine if and when it can be safely reopened to the public.

Motherwell woman Carey Thomson, who phoned the Times & Speaker from her mobile after 25 minutes on broken-down ride, said: “We’ve been here quite a while and it’s very hot - I really hope we can get back down very soon.”

Later she said she and sister-in-law Layla Cameron, visiting from Edinburgh, had been ‘a bit anxious’ during the surprise lengthy wait at the top of the popular Space rollercoaster, and that she was ‘very relieved’ when they were finally rescued.

Around a dozen other people of varying ages had been trapped in the same position, she said - adding that some probably risked a touch of sunburn after a lengthy period in scorching heat.

The fire service were summoned by people stranded on the ride, and reportedly helped people get back to ground level.

It’s understood a mechanical derrick, or ‘cherry picker’ was used during the low-intensity rescue operation.

A spokesperson for M&D’s said: “We can confirm that there was an incident on the Space rollercoaster on Monday.

“The ride’s safety systems brought the ride to a complete stop and put in place our pre-planned procedures to bring the people down as quickly and safely as possible.

“The ride will remain closed until all safety checks have been completed by our safety team.”