Forgewood to receive cash from Holyrood

Many more events are planned in Forgewood like last month's Good Neighbours community fun day.
Many more events are planned in Forgewood like last month's Good Neighbours community fun day.

Two organisations seeking to improve the lives of Forgewood residents have successfully applied for Scottish Government funding.

The Forge Ahead Community Group in Motherwell has been awarded a grant of £10,000 from the Volunteering Support Fund.

The money will be used once the new £1.8 million community centre opens to recruit volunteers to run youth clubs and activities for older people.

As part of the conditions of the grant Forge Ahead are encouraged to recruit volunteers from vulnerable backgrounds, this includes include people who have mental health issues, have learning disabilities or are unemployed.

Forgewood Housing Co-operative Ltd is also to receive money from the Scottish Government through the People in Communities Fund to continue operating a joint project with Garrion People’s Housing Co-operative.

Although they are still waiting to hear exactly how much they are to receive this time.

Jamie Allan Brown, who is involved with both Forgewood organisations believes it is a very exciting time for the area.

He said: “Work on the community centre is nearly complete and we can’t wait to get the keys, once they are handed over it will be non-stop and this is going to be a new start for Forgewood.

“Forge Ahead was formed to organise and coordinate a variety of activities and services for the Forgewood community to improve the quality of life for residents.

“To that end the Volunteering Support Grant will allow us to recruit volunteers to run youth clubs and activites for older people to take advantage of our new facilities.

“We are still waiting to hear the confirmation details and the amount granted through the People in Communities Fund this year for the joint housing co-op project, but have been told our application was successful.

“Last year funding for the project involved Forgewood Community Centre capital costs, a volunteer based project, university student project and increasing community capacity.

“We were able to facilitate money management skills, benefits and universal credit sessions, various community events, confidence and self development training, youth work skills, healthy eating classes and a community café as well as IT skills drop-ins, credit union drop-ins and numerous training opportunities for local people.”

Hadden Construction started work on the new Forgewood Community Centre last April which will include a multi-purpose hall and rooms, IT learning space and a small community café on the ground floor, with shared meeting rooms and office space for use within the community on the first floor.