Flies and dead birds shocker

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Clouds of flies from a filthy stairwell strewn with dead pigeons are making life a misery for tenants at a Bellshill Road council flat.

Meanwhile several live pigeons are still trapped in a formerly closed-off stairway leading to what had been a common drying area.

Tenants claim the birds, living and dead, and the flies, are a major health and safety risk.

Distraught mum Camilla Kacznarek said: We have been complaining about this for two months but feel we are getting nowhere.

“I’ve tried to cut down the number of flies in the house with fly killer, but they keep on coming - and I am worried about the health of my two-year-old daughter Elena.

“We told environmental health about it but they said it was a housing responsibility.

“Workmen blocked up a broken skylight, where the pigeons had got in - but they’ve trapped living pigeons inside, and wouldn’t have anything to do with the dead ones.”

Neighbour Maria Mannion said: “Everyone in this block is affected by it, and it’s terrible for people with young children.

“We can’t stand the flies any longer - it means you can’t open your windows.”

Another neighbour commented: “The fact it’s summer is making it even worse - it’s horrible having to put up with the flies in every part of the building. We just hope something can be done about this very soon.”

Tenants say the stairwell leading to the now out-of-use drying area had been sealed shut, but it has been forced open. Beer bottles and food detritus litter the stairway, fuelling concern it has been used a drinking den.

The council said it had taken tenants’ concerns fully on board, and offered them an apology.

A spokesman said: “The area has been cleaned by our specialist contractor.

“Our priority is health and safety and we apologise to tenants for the delay in the completion of this work.

“Pigeons got into the area through a damaged skylight which has now been removed and tiled over.

“We have also instructed our contractor to carry out additional door repairs and plasterwork as a matter of urgency.

“We will continue to keep tenants informed until all necessary repairs are carried out to everyone’s satisfaction.”