Finger pointed at pupils for anti-social behaviour

Taylor High
Taylor High

A gang of pupils at Taylor High in New Stevenston have been making life hell, say local residents.

It is alleged students have been intimidating passers-by into buying them cigarettes and breaking into the back courts of flats in Carfin Street.

One resident said: “This has been going on for years. It seems that as one group finally leave school another take their place.

“They stand around smoking and eating and they make a terrible mess. I’ve even told them if they must stand there could they at least use the bins, but last time I did that one of the them just dumped his noodles on the ground.

“Occasionally the teachers come and chase them and, of course, they vanish if the police appear, but a more permanent solution is needed.”

Head teacher Gerry McCormick said: “The school takes pride in maintaining good relations with local residents and seeks to act promptly when concerns are raised.

“Regular visits are made by members of senior management to check on concerns raised, but at all times the availability of senior staff to undertake these visits must be balanced with the need to supervise the school campus itself at key times.

“In some circumstances appropriate disciplinary action has been, and will be, taken to ensure pupils obey school rules both within the campus and in the local area.”