Final three hope to win a dream wedding reception

Karen and Craig are hoping for your votes
Karen and Craig are hoping for your votes

The first round of votes have been counted in our fantastic competition to win a dream wedding reception at the Best Western Garfield House Hotel in Stepps.

The three couples who collected the most votes in the first round were Karen and Craig, Nicola and Kieran and Sarah and John.

Now you can vote for the couple you want to win this stunning prize provided by the Best Western Garfield House Hotel

Votes from the first round will carry forward. To vote for your favourite just complete the entry coupon in this week’s Times & Speaker and send it to Wedding Competition, Motherwell Times, 29 Hope Street, Motherwell, ML1 1BT by May 13.


Karen & Craig

I am writing this on behalf of my daughter. Sixteen years ago her husband left her for another woman. At the time her boys were five and seven. She works very hard, I am so proud of her. She has kept a full-time job and done her boys proud.

For 34 years she has worked as a psychiatric nurse and sometimes works 12 hours a day to try and keep her mortgage paid and all the other things you have to do to keep on top of things. Last year she met a man who went to school with her and they developed a friendship. They seem to get on very well, and I’ve never seen her so happy in a long time. The thing is they have decided they want to get married and just can’t afford to. I would like to see her get some happiness and get on with their happy lives.

Mrs G Graham

Brandon Court



Nicola & Kieran

I would love to win this competition to marry my fiancé Kieran Toner. Words can’t describe what it would mean to my family for my dad George to give me away. My dad was severely brain injured in a motorcycle accident 12 years ago and although he has outlived all the doctors’ expectations we are all very aware that tomorrow is promised to no-one.

My sons would love us to get married as soon as possible as they just adore Kieran. My oldest son Scott ( 8) has autism and can’t understand why we can’t just get married tomorrow. A lovely wedding would also be a fantastic boost for my younger son Reece (7) as it isn’t always easy having a sibling with additional needs. Kieran is so fantastic with my boys and all we want is for us to be a proper family and for Kieran to be their dad.

Nicola McClure




Sarah & John

John and I first met after I moved down from the Isle of Mull when I was eight. Going from having only 12 people in my class to nearly 30 was extremely daunting, but sitting next to one of the only boys who was friendly to me in class made me feel very welcome. Little did we know that 14 years later we would be waking up next to each other every morning. John proposed to me in 2014 after taking me to see my favourite singer and I’ve been so happy ever since. We’ve been together for nearly eight years and are saving up for our wedding as well as a mortgage, which is proving to be really difficult. It would be our dream to have our wedding at the Garfield. I know winning this competition would make our dream a reality.

Sarah Noon

Rannoch Lane