Family relive lorry driver death crash

A LORRY driver died when he couldn’t slow down in time to avoid a collision with another truck.

Frederick Mollon, of Myrtle Road, Viewpark, was driving on the A9 in Perthshire when the crash happened last March.

And a sheriff has ruled after a fatal accident inquiry that there were no ‘reasonable precautions’ which might have prevented the tragedy.

Mr Mollon (62) was a driver with Glasgow-based DGG Transport. He was travelling south at Garry Bridge when his vehicle hit a lorry in front of him. Perth Sheriff Court heard that the lorry in front had ‘slowed to a standstill’ in order to pass another lorry which was on the side of the road after a tyre blow out.

In her findings, Sheriff Fiona Tait said: “From the evidence, I necessarily must conclude that Mr Mollon failed to react, except at the very last minute, to the traffic situation ahead of him.”

The sheriff extended her sympathy to Mr Mollon’s wife, sons and other family members, adding: “It was clear to me that Mr Mollon had an exemplary work record and the parties a long marriage.

“Mrs Mollon and her family showed considerable dignity throughout the inquiry which was undoubtedly upsetting.”

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