Families kick up a stink over sewage

Des Thompson says the drains have been overflowing for 25 years.
Des Thompson says the drains have been overflowing for 25 years.

Residents who claim raw sewage has been spilling on to their Bellshill street for the last 25 years say it’s high time a solution was found.

Families are worried about a risk to health as a children’s play area sits in the middle of the area that is prone to flooding when there’s heavy rain.

Des Thompson, of Bairdsland View Residents Association, said overflowing drains spew out a “disgusting” mix of sewage and water.

Scottish Water workmen were out in the aftermath of flooding to clean up the affected area in Ravenscraig Court.

Mr Thompson said he has lived in the estate since it was built 25 years ago and the problem has existed from the start. Rainwater runs down the street to the drains which are at the lowest point of Ravenscraig Court, creating a flood up to 12 inches deep.

Mr Thompson explained: “The water subsides as quickly as it builds up, but what’s left behind is the problem.

“You can see traces of excrement and pieces of toilet paper in the street. I even found a sanitary towel.”

Days after recent flooding there was still a smell of sewage in Ravenscraig Court. Mr Thompson said the topic is brought up every time the residents association meets.

Residents believe a sewage pipe isn’t big enough and the problem could get worse with new homes planned for a site on nearby Main Street.

Mr Thompson added: “Scottish Water have been out many times, but apart from using a power wash to clean up nothing is ever done.

“I used to run an annual street party. One year we were flooded the day before and I had to wash down the street. The same thing happened the next year, so I stopped organising the party.”

Scottish Water said it was unaware of any problem with the sewer, but promised to investigate.

A spokesman said: “We received two reports that Ravenscraig Court had been affected by flooding at the end of July, during a period of severe weather. These were responded to and the street was cleaned up.

“Due to the next most recent report of flooding to this being in July 2012, there were no prior plans to investigate any issues with the sewer in this area.

“We will now investigate these reports further to see whether there are any issues with the sewer that may have led to the flooding on this occasion.”