Families and young people focus for mediation service

NORTH Lanarkshire Council’s nationally accredited housing mediation service helps young people and their families who are having problems getting along.

Whether the family is still living together or the young person has left the family home, our service can help.

Head of housing services Elaine McHugh said: “Many young people leave home because they don’t feel they can stay with their family any longer or they have been asked to leave.

“For many young people it can sometimes feel as if family relationships cannot be repaired. That doesn’t have to be the case. Our mediation service is confidential and free and aims to find the best solution for everyone in the family.

“Whether it’s mending relationships so that everyone can still live together or, if this is not possible, work with the young person and their family so that the young person is more likely to sustain their own home.

“Taking that first step is often difficult but with the help of our young people and families’ mediation we can make a positive difference.”

Mediation is not about who is right or who is wrong. It helps people find their own solutions and make their own decisions. Our mediators never take sides and treat everyone’s views and feelings with respect at all times.

If you feel mediation can assist you and your family, contact the team by calling 01698 274230 during office hours or E-mail

The team can arrange to meet you outwith office hours if required.