Estate gym plan doesn’t work out

Gym plan was rejected
Gym plan was rejected

Plans to help workers stay in shape by opening a gym at a Bellshill industrial estate have been rejected.

Councillors opposed the idea, saying it could set an unwelcome precedent and units should be kept for more conventional industrial uses.

Now North Lanarkshire Council’s view has been backed by the Scottish Government whose reporter has thrown out an appeal by Chris Stewart.

He said a gym in Righead Industrial Estate would “improve health and well-being by offering opportunities for social interaction and physical activity”.

Mr Stewart claimed there are many empty units in the industrial estate and existing non-industrial uses include a shop and two nurseries. He also pointed out there is a music and dance academy in nearby Bellshill Industrial Estate.

However, the council disputed Mr Stewart’s claim on empty units and reporter Robert Seaton said he got the impression on visiting that vacancy rates were “relatively low”.

Mr Seaton agreed that allowing a gym could set a precedent and subsequent non-industrial uses could have a “significant adverse impact” on estates like this.