Escape as car slams into house

FAMILY members had a lucky escape when a car crashed into the living room of their Newarthill home.

Margaret Gaskin said she thought a bomb had gone off as debris was hurled into the kitchen where she was preparing the evening meal.

Her 17-year-old son, Craig, was slightly injured when a brick hit him on the shoulder, but Mrs Gaskin and her husband, Robert (52), were unhurt.

The drama happened in Mossgiel Way around 5.30pm last Thursday.

The vehicle, believed to be a Land Rover or similar, careered off Glenmore Road and crashed through the side wall of the Gaskin family’s gable end two-storey terraced house.

Mrs Gaskin, who was just yards away in the kitchen when it happened, said: “I heard a noise and thought a bomb had gone off

“Bricks were flying everywhere and some landed in the kitchen.

“My son had gone out to the patio for a cigarette. He was hit by a brick and his shoulder was bruised, but we are lucky no one was badly hurt.”

Tyre marks could be seen leading from one side of Glenmore Road, across the central reservation on to the grass verge at the side of the house.

Damage to the building’s brickwork was clear although the hole in the wall had been patched up. Workmen installed steel beams to stabilise the building.

The family spent Thursday night in a hotel while the damage to their home was being assessed.

Luckily, they don’t appear to have lost very much property, but it seems likely they will be out of the house for some time while repairs are carried out.

It’s understood the driver of the vehicle was unhurt and has been traced by the police who are appealing for witnesses to the crash to come forward. Anyone with information should call Bellshill police office on 202400.