Would you drink it?

A glass of cloudy water that came out of Cat Dormer's tap in Newarthill
A glass of cloudy water that came out of Cat Dormer's tap in Newarthill

Residents of Newarthill and Carfin have been told their water supply could be cloudy for several days after ‘air’ got into the water supply.

In echoes of major contamination that affected the villages last year people turning on their taps last night found that rather than the liquid being clear it more closely resembled milk.

A spokesperson for Scottish Water said: “When repairs are made to the mains the engineers will sometimes empty it of water, when they recharge with water under pressure the air ends up in the supply.

“If you draw a glass of water and leave to settle on the worktop you’ll notice it clear from bottom up.

“The mains may still be aerated (cloudy) for a few days until the air settles from the system, but can sometimes take longer, and ultimately it’s just air.

“If you put in a clean container then into the fridge it will clear quicker.

“Actual supply from the cold kitchen tap could be cloudy for some hours/days.

“If there is a sediment to the water we would advise to run this off at the cold kitchen mains.”

Angie Walker from Newarthill said: “Completely out of order that we are being told this is safe for consumption.

“Last year when we were told the water was safe to drink, it turned out to be a major incident.

“I left a glass out for 15 hours and it never cleared, how long should it take?”

Michael Smith from Carfin added: “Our water had been cloudy since yesterday. Just a bit concerning when it leaves a sediment around the glass when pouring a glass of water.”

Cat Dormer from Newarthill asked: “Would you let your kids drink this? No honestly it’s totally safe, it’s only air bubbles.”