Welcome for new animal laws

Puppy farms face tighter legislation
Puppy farms face tighter legislation

Bellshill MP Phil Boswell has welcomed new legislation which introduces tighter regulations for the sale of animals.

Mr Boswell has been contacted by many constituents regarding animal welfare and wants to see better protection against cruel and unfair breeding practices.

Animal welfare is a devolved matter with the Scottish Government implementing an Animal Dealers Regulation, which restricts the sale of young cats and dogs, and ensures the welfare of puppies who pass through a dealer.

The UK Government has now made it illegal to sell puppies younger than eight weeks and anyone breeding and selling three or more litters a year requires a formal licence.

Breeders who do not follow these rules will face an unlimited fine and/or up to six months imprisonment.

Mr Boswell said: “The rapid rise of social media has brought with it a worrying trend of certain dog breeds becoming more sought-after and ‘fashionable’.

“This will naturally put pressure on the puppy trade, but if this new licencing scheme is properly enforced, it should allow buyers to distinguish between a reputable breeder and a rogue breeder or seller.

“Despite this being a devolved matter, I have publicly supported many campaigns promoting better protection of animals and I welcome the recent changes the UK Government has made.”