We’re on the victory trail

Campaigners in Viewpark
Campaigners in Viewpark

Supporters of Viewpark Glen are celebrating after a plan to divert a footpath was rejected by councillors.

However, they have acknowledged it might be only a short-lived victory and the area could again be threatened by industrial expansion.

North Lanarkshire Council received 300 objections to the proposal by HFD Property Group, owners of Strathclyde Business Group, to re-route what’s formally known as core path 190.

HFD admitted it wanted the change in order to make land available for expansion of the business park.

A council report stated: “Some sections of core path 190 are well used, particularly through Viewpark Glen, but the surface of this section of the route is poor and signage is lacking.”

HFD promised to pay for a new footpath link and signs.

Viewpark Conservation Group, set up to protect the glen from further development, was firmly opposed to any change to the path network.

The group’s Grace McNeil said: “We want the glen left as it is.”

After the council’s infrastructure committee refused HFD’s request, the group stated: “We would like to thank all councillors who supported us and hope to receive future support from you all.

“We also thank our brilliant community who turned up to the consultations and voiced their opinions. We wouldn’t have had this outcome without you all.”

Viewpark councillor Steven Bonnar, who spoke against the proposed diversion at the meeting, said: “This was a victory for the people, but it is an issue that is not over.”

The footpath request was separate from an planning application to extend the business park which is also expected to go before the council.