Viewpark anger at tree clearance work

Tree clearing viewed from North Road, Bellshill, near  Shawhead.
Tree clearing viewed from North Road, Bellshill, near Shawhead.

Hundreds of angry people have signed a petition against what they claim is the destruction of the historic Viewpark Glen/Douglas Support Estate.

The protest came as workmen began clearing away trees ahead of the upgrading of the A8 to motorway at nearby Shawhead.

Viewpark Conservation Group was formed several years ago and has campaigned against the extension of Strathclyde Business Park into the woodland at Viewpark.

Now protestors say another part of the estate is under threat from the motorway work. They claim trees are being felled in an area that was not included in plans put on public display by Transport Scotland.

A petition started at this week and was signed by 500 people in less than 24 hours.

Petition organiser Sarah Rae; “Douglas Support is a great place, full of wildlife. Local people of all ages go walking and fishing on a daily basis. It is full of historic interest.

“Viewpark Glen has been an important part of the lives of many of the residents of Viewpark and Coatbridge. Many children have had adventures there and it is the last piece of natural woodland/green space left in the area.

“This petition has been started in the hope of putting a halt to the destruction of this historic site. We need to keep natural habitat for the wildlife and preserve this place of beauty.

“Archaeology Scotland have shown an interest in this area. We need time to get their surveys done to allow the documentation of the historical sights within this glen.”

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