Uncollected dog poo causes a major stink in North Motherwell

The contents of the bin bag was left strewn in Forum Place, Motherwell
The contents of the bin bag was left strewn in Forum Place, Motherwell

Dog mess was left lying in a North Motherwell street for nearly a week after North Lanarkshire Council failed to collect it properly.

The council operates a system where one set of workers empties the bin and leaves the bag for another set of workers to collect.

However, after the bin in Forum Place was emptied last week the contents were never collected and were subsequently spread over the road just yards from a play area.

Robbie Colligan reported the bag had been left to the council multiple times.

He said: “North Lanarkshire Council make a song and dance about dog waste and that irresponsible owners can face a fine if they don’t clean up after their pets.

“Well they want to start practicing what they preach as this is the third occasion I have had to contact them regarding them emptying the dog waste bin in my street and leaving the full bag of dog poo in the street for it to end up scattered everywhere either by neds, kids or the local wild life.

“We all know dog waste can cause diseases as the council hammer this message home themselves, yet despite it being reported the foul smelling mess was lying in our street for a week.

“Maybe if the council gave themselves a fixed penalty for making this mess they would get their act together and stop it. It really would be laughable if it wasn’t so disgusting.”

After the Times contacted the council they promises it would be cleaned up today (Tuesday).

Gordon Bruce, from Regeneration and Environmental Services, said: “The bin bag was not collected due to an oversight, and we would like to apologise to residents for any upset this has caused them.”