Trees takeover is stopped in its tracks

Overgrown trees at station
Overgrown trees at station

Overgrown trees at Shieldmuir train station have been cut back after worried residents raised concerns with a councillor.

People were being discouraged from using the footbridge there due to the state of the foliage, said Councillor Nathan Wilson.

The Motherwell South East and Ravenscraig Tory councillor passed on their views to North Lanarkshire Council officials and within a short period of time the troublesome trees were removed.

Councillor Wilson explained: “The trees had grown to such a size that the branches were actually overhanging on to the bridge.

“Locals have had to think twice about crossing the bridge, particularly during the evening, as the trees had been blocking visibility.

“They were also adding to general safety fears after recent incidences of vandals throwing bikes off the bridge.”

Councillor Wilson said he was pleased officials acted quickly to reassure residents.

He added: “The overgrown trees were not only an eyesore but they were causing real practical difficulties for individuals making use of the station bridge.

“People were rightly having to think twice about crossing not just because of the size of the trees and their encroachment on to the bridge but also because of acts of vandalism that had been taking place.

“The situation is now like night and day, and my constituents should be able to feel much safer when crossing.

“I would also hope that the increased visibility brought about by the removal of the trees will serve to play a key role in deterring any further acts of vandalism on the bridge itself.”

The authorities are hoping that a new park and ride facility at Shieldmuir will increase passenger usage of the station and ease parking congestion at Motherwell station.