Pensioners glad to see back of park pavilion

Calder Park pavilion
Calder Park pavilion

A derelict Motherwell sports pavilion said to be a magnet for troublemakers is to be demolished.

The decision has come after complaints from pensioners that youths who gather in Calder Park were making their lives a misery.

Elderly residents in Highfield Crescent told the Motherwell Times earlier this year house windows had been smashed and bins set on fire.

They blamed a group of about a dozen teenage boys and girls using a lane leading from Highfield Crescent to the park.

One woman in her 70s said she was so scared she was afraid to leave the house.

North Lanarkshire Council said it had received complaints about anti-social behaviour and last week councillors on the education committee agreed to demolish Calder Park pavilion and two other disused pavilions in Wishaw.

A council report acknowledged the pavilions attract rowdy groups, but also expressed concern for the safety of youngsters who “persistently” try to break in. In addition, asbestos has been found in the buildings.

One Highfield Crescent resident affected by anti-social behaviour said the immiment demoliton of the pavilion was “brilliant news”.

He added: “We also wanted CCTV or lights covering the lane or the lane closed off as there are other entrances to the park. However, for now we’ll see if the pavilion being demolished helps us.”

Councillor Frank McNally, convener of education, youth and communities, said: “These sports pavilions haven’t been used in many years and have fallen into a very dilapidated condition. The decision to declare them surplus to requirements and to be demolished was made in the public interest and to prevent any public safety and anti-social behaviour issues.”

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