Pass the test to get a bigger bin

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North Lanarkshire Council officials will give householders a bigger bin – but only if a visiting inspector is satisfied a bigger receptacle is required.

Staff will be sent to scrutinise levels of recycling and householders will be expected to complete a so-called ‘waste diary’.

From next month, there will be changes to the types of materials that can be recycled in each bin, as well as how often they’re collected.

This includes general waste collections only taking place once every three weeks.

A council spokesperson said: “If households use all the recycling services fully, a three weekly collection of non-recyclable waste is adequate.

“Households can order a larger or additional recycling bin free of charge.

“If households with a larger number of residents still cannot fit all their general waste in a single bin, they can apply for a larger bin.”

It would be at this stage that council staff visit the properties who make a request.