Park bridge is in need of attention

Peter Kelvin at the bridge in Calder Park
Peter Kelvin at the bridge in Calder Park

A Motherwell man is hoping sprucing up Calder Park in Motherwell won’t prove to be a bridge too far for North Lanarkshire Council.

Now in his 60s Peter Kelvin has been using the park since his childhood and still regularly takes his grandchildren to use the new play park.

The new play park was established by the council earlier this year at a cost of £89,000 after the old one was deemed to have come to the end of its life after 20 years.

Peter would now like to see the local authority turn its attention to the footbridge spanning the South Calder Water.

He estimates the wooden bridge was installed over two decades ago and is now starting to show its age, while it remains structurally sound, it is starting to show signs of rot and mould, some of the ballisters are missing and the ramps at either end have become worn away which means there is now a row of brick exposed meaning a step up onto the platform is neccesary.

Peter said: “The new play park is great, I really must commend the council on providing an excellent facility within the park.

“It is therefore such a shame that just a few yards along the park the footbridge has become rather neglected and really in need of some attention.

“It seems solid enough when you walk on it, but it is just so tired looking and surely it wouldn’t cost too much to be repaired.

“We are only talking a couple of coats of paint and replacing a few missing and cracked bits of wood, I would imagine there must be money within the council budget for that sort of project.

“Perhaps the more pressing issue though is at the two ends of the bridge where the ramps have worn away.

“Presumably this is just down to time and weather, but having a high step is not ideal as I’m not sure how people pushing prams or using wheelchairs are supposed to get onto the bridge without some difficulty.”

Peter recalls helping to spruce up the park 40 years ago, and made another request to help keep it tidy.

He said: “You should have seen some of the stuff we hauled out of the river, but happily we got it to a state where the fish returned.

“You still see the odd thing dumped in the water, but it’s not in bad condition and I still see some men fishing in it from time to time, my granddaughter has even asked if I’ll take her fishing.

“However, it might not stay so clean without the addition of some bins as there are none on the play park side of the water, other than right at the Wilson Street entrance.

“I know there are bins on the other side of the bridge, but we all know some people are too lazy to walk that far, so installing a bin next to the play park seems like it would a good idea.”