No changes for food waste bins

New food waste bin
New food waste bin

Council bosses say they have no intention of emptying food waste bins more often despite some residents being unhappy with the new fortnightly service.

South Lanarkshire Council followed neighbouring North Lanarkshire when it introduced separate bins for leftover food two months ago.

However, while North residents get their food bins emptied every week, it’s every two weeks for South Lanarkshire.

The service has started initially in the Hamilton area, which includes Bothwell and Uddingston. The food bin is also used for garden waste.

One resident said: “These bins should be emptied every week. It hasn’t been the warmest summer, but even so there’s been an awful smell of rotting food coming from our bin this month.

“By the time the binmen came to empty it we had maggots crawling out and ended up using disinfectant to clean it.”

A neighbour added: “We’ve stopped using the food bin after it was full of maggots the other week.”

South Lanarkshire Council said there had been seven enquiries recently regarding maggots in ‘normal domestic waste bins’ compared with 11 in food and garden waste bins.

Stephen Kelly, the council’s head of facilities for waste and ground services, said households have been given information on how best to dispose of their rubbish.

He stated: “Residents are advised to ensure that food waste is not left uncovered and that food waste bags are tied tightly and placed in their burgundy bin. They should also ensure that all waste bin lids and indoor food caddy lids are closed to prevent flies entering and laying their eggs which, in turn, become maggots.

“We are not considering providing weekly food and garden waste collections.”