Learning about life in the wild

Glasgow University students clean Fishing Pond Beach in Trinidad
Glasgow University students clean Fishing Pond Beach in Trinidad

Amazonia is sponsoring a group of research students from Glasgow University who are on an expedition to Trinidad.

Part of this year’s programme sees the university students educating pupils from one Glasgow school and four schools in Trinidad about their findings.

The education project focuses on studies on bats, leatherback turtles and frogs.

The students are due back from the expedition soon and will be visiting Amazonia in Strathclyde Park later this year to share their findings with school groups and Amazonia Explorers Saturday kids’ club.

Expedition member Elisabeth Ferrell said: “One of our main priorities when we are on expedition is ensuring that we educate the local school children in Trinidad about wildlife and how most animals should not be feared or loathed.

“Another important consideration is the protection of the environment in which these animals live in order to conserve them.

“Some of the bats that visitors can see in Amazonia are very common in Trinidad so it will be great to see them in the wild too.

“We’re really looking forward to sharing what we found out on our trip with the school pupils and Amazonia Explorers Club later this year.”

Amanda Gott, manager of Amazonia, added: “I’m thrilled that Amazonia is able to help the Glasgow University students.

“Educating people about the threats facing wild animals is an important part of our work at Amazonia and we are pleased that these students can help us with this.

“I’m sure that the schools and Saturday Club will be really excited to see what the students learned from their expedition.”

Amazonia houses a collection of mostly South American animals plus some species from other parts of the world.