Knotweed risk ‘must be tackled’

Henry Sweeney
Henry Sweeney

Japanese Knotweed could run riot through Carfin homes unless it’s ‘dealt with once and for all’, according to a local gardens worker.

But the council first has to find who owns the piece of waste ground where it has taken root before it can take remedial action.

Henry Sweeney of Hatton Terrace says the notoriously fast-growing weed has already gained a footing in local gardens - both tenanted and private - since it gained a grip on a patch of waste ground.

And he fears it could “spread like wildfire” if council specialists don’t move in soon to burn it on site.
A council spokesperson said: “The Japanese Knotweed is growing on a piece of land between the back gardens in Hatton Place and Hatton Terrace and the gardens of the adjacent new housing private development.

“We are currently investigating if the council owns this land which would allow us to gain access to treat the knotweed.

“The previous housing developer went out of business before the site could be completed, but we are also in discussions with the new owners of the adjacent site about flooding issues at the rear of the properties.”

Mr Sweeney said: “My garden floods, and is swamped after heavy rain.

“I’m concerned this could allow the knotweed to get out of hand - and then it will be too late.”