Judgement day for Bothwell

Brighter Bothwell is ready to welcome back to the judges.
Brighter Bothwell is ready to welcome back to the judges.

Bothwell is preparing to receive its day of judgement next week in the annual Beautiful Scotland campaign, run by Keep Scotland Beautiful.

Keep Scotland Beautiful is part of the RHS Bloom Federation and, through this campaign attracts the interest of hundreds of groups and communities each year.

Bothwell will be judged in the medium town category of the 2015 competition, as an increase in the voters roll has taken them above the threshold of being a small town as they had been previously.

The judges begin their tour of the length and breadth of the country on Monday and arrive in Bothwell on Wednesday (July 29).

They will be focused on three key themes - horticultural achievement, community participation and environmental responsibility.

Brighter Bothwell chairwoman Marjory Robertson said: “Brighter Bothwell is looking forward to welcoming two Beautiful Scotland judges to Bothwell next Wednesday afternoon.

“We will enjoy showing them the work that is done in Bothwell to make it an attractive, biodiverse and sustainable community.

“Volunteers work hard throughout the year to enhance the local environment and our work increases in the summer months.

“I am particularly grateful to our ‘Tub Team’ who look after the floral displays in the Main Street tubs to make sure that they bloom throughout the summer.

“As Bothwell has moved from the small town to medium town category we will be joining some stiff competition!”

Winning communities will be presented with their awards at a ceremony in September.

The overall winner receives the sought after Rosebowl Trophy, and discretionary awards for outstanding performance in areas such as biodiversity, tourism, and community involvement, are presented.

A selection of the winning communities are then nominated for entry into the 2016 RHS Britain in Bloom final.

Carole Noble, director at Keep Scotland Beautiful, said: “Beautiful Scotland celebrates the work of communities, from whole cities to villages, who pull together to improve and enhance their local areas.

“Through floral enhancement, community participation, and taking responsibility for tackling the criminal activity of littering and dog fouling, Beautiful Scotland groups make a massive difference to our country.”