Jax saved from river ordeal by hero runners

Laura White from Muirhouse with her dog Jax
Laura White from Muirhouse with her dog Jax

A Muirhouse woman is hoping to track down two runners who saved her dog when he became trapped after falling down a river bank.

Laura White was walking her six-month-old puppy Jax along the Clyde Walkway at the bottom of Adders Gill on Tuesday when he slipped and was stuck on a small ledge.

Laura feared he’d be swept away by the fast moving water when two good samaritans appeared, she said: “I had already called for the fire brigade and I was in a total panic expecting to see him floating away down the river from me when these incredible passers-by sprung into action.”

The two men, estimated to be in their late 40s or early 50s, climbed down a tree and managed to reach Jax before bringing him to safety.

Laura said: “My poor boy was shaking really badly, a bit like myself, and I collapsed in relief.

“They then just ran off before I had a chance to gather my thoughts and ask them even their names. I owe them both a real proper thank you for helping me save my boys life.”

Jax is now fine after the incident, but Laura is warning other people to be careful.

She said: “It’s very dangerous at that bit as any dog or small child could very easily disappear down like Jax did. It was only luck that he dropped to the small ledge rather than straight into the water.”

Did you save Jax? E-mail motherwell.times@jnscotland.co.uk or call 01698 862215.