Hundreds seek compensation over contaminated water

It is claimed people got sick from the contaminated water
It is claimed people got sick from the contaminated water

Hundreds of people have called a special helpline set up for those seeking compensation for illness caused by contaminated water.

Last month more than 6,000 residents of Dalziel Park, New Stevenston, Carfin, Newarthill, Holytown, Mossend and Chapelhall were without water for two days after the supply became infected with an “oily-based substance”.

Scottish Water are still investigating June’s incident and have yet to reveal what the cause was.

Patrick McGuire from Thompsons Solicitors who represents victims of the NHS contaminated blood scandal and those poisoned by the Edinburgh Legionnaires outbreak says he’s been taken aback by the numbers of people contacting his team.

Mr McGuire said: “Since the Times & Speaker first covered this legal action against Scottish Water the response has been huge.

“There’s a lot of anger about what’s happened and some of the accounts that our legal team are dealing with are shocking.

“Many kids have been laid low with sickness and diarrhoea with their parents having to take time off work to care for them.

“We have cases where people have been hospitalised for several days and what’s really unacceptable is that some people have become ill after drinking the bottled water given to them by Scottish Water as a replacement for their tap water.”

Mr McGuire believes Scottish Water may have committed an offence under the Scotland Water Act and may also be guilty of supplying water unfit for human consumption.

He said: “Not only have Scottish Water appeared to have failed in their statutory duty to supply the public with clean and healthy water we still have no proper explanation to what caused this contamination.

“If we don’t know what caused it what’s to stop it happening again? It’s time for Scottish Water to give answers to the people of Motherwell and other areas affected.”

The helpline number for anyone affected by the contaminated water is 08000 015 162.